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The John of God Series: Interview with Diana Rose part two of five

In the second segment, Diana discusses how her spiritual surgeries and those to help her partner Bob’s blindness  launched their life as Casa guides.

She also shares a story of a woman quickly and miraculously healed of advanced MS at the Casa.

The surgeries, at the Casa are largely spiritual interventions that are invisible. Some are known to have left visible evidence such as internal stitches visible on x-rays. John of God has been known as the “healer with the kitchen knife” due to the actual physical surgeries he sometimes performs. The Spirit entities who perform the operations through Medium Joao (John of God) say that the main purpose for the physical surgeries is to increase people’s faith. It is important to keep in perspective that the vast majority of the surgeries are performed at the invisible level.

Length of segment two: 11:04

Total of five segments: Approx. 44 minutes

Diana’s website:

Recorded August 29th, 2010 in Abadiania, Brazil in audio verite: you can hear the birds and sometimes even the trucks outside!

Today’s piano music is Harry Pickens playing songs from Taize. For more of Harry, click here.

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