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Scribe to Spirit: Bestselling Collaborator with Outstanding Healers of Our Time—Interview with Peter Occhiogrosso

Q: What Do John & Yoko, Caroline Myss, Ron Roth, Joseph Pierce Farrell & Michael Feinstein All Have in Common?


A: Author Peter Occhiogrosso 

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A few months ago I mentioned a new book about an extraordinary healer I was hearing of for the first time.

Manifesting Michelangelo, by Joseph Pierce Farrell with Peter Occhiogrosso is the story of a modern healer who can actually sculpt bone and tissue through his sacred intention.


When I read the story, I knew I had to interview its co-author, Peter Occhiogrosso.


Peter first came to my awareness almost a decade ago because of his work with my teacher, Ron Roth, with whom he co-authored five books.


Peter has also co-written two of Caroline Myss's best-sellers: Why People Don't Heal and Sacred Contracts as well as her recent book Defy Gravity. He went on to collaborate on both her Healing Cards and Archetype Cards for her Sacred Contracts boxed sets, and he co-taught the Sacred Contracts class alongside Caroline for some years.


I began to think about the unusual role Peter has played as a collaborator, or "Scribe to Spirit"; helping some of the most gifted and outstanding "miracle" healers of our time to spread their teachings to a very wide audience.  


Years before these healers and teachers entered his life, Peter was a jazz critic in New York during a time when he met and mingled with some of the greatest names in cutting-edge music during the seventies and eighties.


How does close collaboration with these well-known figures shape a person's own journey?


In this interview, Peter and I weave our way though a huge breadth of topics that relate to his journey, from his work with these three healers to some highlights of his experience in the music world, to his rather awesome grasp of the spiritual foundations of many of the world's spiritual cultures. (Peter is also an expert on world religions: his site, is a must-go-to resource for interfaith people.)


All of these streams came together in Peter's tale of his experience of meeting  

John Lennon & Yoko Ono after he wrote a feature article on Yoko, and just days before John was killed. One small correction to the audio: you'll hear me say that John & Yoko were recording Double Fantasy when Peter met with them together. In fact, the song that they were working on, which opens this podcast, Walking on Thin Ice, had been held back from the Double Fantasy album, which had already been released, precisely because Yoko knew that it was not mainstream enough and might hurt John's chances for a Number One album. 

John decided to remix "Thin Ice" as a dance club track after reading Peter's article on Yoko in which Peter mentioned that he was hearing Yoko's, not John's music played in the NY club scene.  


You will hear John's comment right at the opening: "I think you've got your first Number One, Yoko!"



Peter shares how these two icons of our generation tie into timeless archetypes of healing, spiritual wisdom, and the advancement of consciousness.

Listening highlights:(If you want to be able to see time settings, download the file using the Direct Download link below, and play the mp3 via itunes or your mp3 player instead of listening at this link.)

Joseph Pierce Farrell & Manifesting Michelangelo approx 6:00.

Peter's work with Ron Roth: 19:40

Collaborating with Caroline Myss: 25:45

Peter on Archetypes 32:15

Michael Feinstein, Ira Gershwin & Music: 41:10

Music & Spirituality 43:21

John & Yoko 50:15

John & Yoko and the story of Vishnu:56:36

John & Yoko's contribution: 1:01:57

Link to Peter's website with his blog on John & Yoko and the story of Vishnu:

Rev. Nettie's website links:


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